"Prince amongst beasts" is a limited edition of 250.


Framed - This fine piece of art is a stunning combination of beautiful Hahnemühle German etching paper and a quality pewter frame. The print is dry mounted to a foamex board and then protected with a satin varnish coating, still retaining the stunning texture of the etching paper. Not only does it scratch-guard and waterproof the print, but it also protects it from UV damage and avoids the need of a glass or acrylic covering.


Unframed - Printed on beautiful Hahnemühle German etching paper.


The size specified is the actual image size.

Prince amongst beasts

  • Curls that don, his regal face,

    Powerful stare, airs of grace.


    The stance, the look, head held high,

    Truly a beast, one cannot deny.


    Grandeur surrounds, an aura of might,

    Afforded respect, yes a birthright.


    Prince amongst beasts, majestic appeal,

    One is in awe, we bow down and kneel.