About me

You’ll find me beside a lake, beside a river … on top of a mountain, even half way up … strolling along the coastline … on a boat …  or just standing in a field. The outside is a beautiful place … one that inspires … one that give us a sense of life …one that allows us to escape. You’ll always find me with a camera, but it’s not until I look at the captured scene do I start to see something else … unexpected messages and stories … feelings and missed beauty ... unexpected beauty.


There’s no point in holding thoughts back, so I express them through Profound Ambience … through the images … what I see, through poetry … bringing both life and meaning. 

The journey

All journeys begin with one step at a time and this journey is no different. My aim when setting out was to provide a sense of ambience into homes, a joyous feeling. I also wanted to create something different, which is all part of the journey.


I wanted to take photography to a different level, so I created my Poetic Images collection, showing what I see, and then adding depth with poetry, displayed in specifically chosen frames.


My Oily Images collection provides an alternative ambience, mounted directly on birch wood, providing a more natural feeling. The images have been slightly altered to provide a more painted, textured feeling.


It gives me great pride to see any of my images displayed, and I will continue to strive and search out to create those special feelings of Profound Ambience.


The products

Quality and standards are paramount. Whether it's using high quality, museum art grade paper, and frames for my Poetic Images collection, or wood from a sustainable forest in the Oily Images collection, I will always ensure the completed product highly compliments the image.