All three of Newtown Creek on the Isle of Wight.


Lords of the creek - The towering trees on the hillside.


The visitor - One of the many sailing visitors.


Serenity - The calmness and the beauty.


The print is a limited edition of 250, using high quality museum art grade paper. Optionally you can choose to have the print in a distraught weathered effect oak frame, with a textured castille ivory mount, protected with an acrylic screening, all ready to hang.


The sizes specified are approximates when framed, and the actual image size is the same whether framed or not.

The creek (series of 3)

  • Lords of the creek


    Through the early mist they stand,

    Looking, observing, ruling the land.


    It’s their rules, we have a duty,

    That we abide, to keep such beauty.


    The visitor


    This creek we visit, it’s not our home,

    It shares its beauty, for us to roam.


    But with respect, to those who dwell,

    Leave untouched, as you say farewell.




    The gleam of the water, the hazy hillside,

    The flow and the ebb, of the creek’s tide.


    This picture of splendour, so still, so serene,

    Nature has sculpted, this wonderful scene.